We have created this portal so that the users of the Royal Society of Chemistry's journals and books platform are able to request features that will help them in their day to day lives. We will strive to build features that make the experience on our platform easier with an aim to speed up your workflows.

Please feel free to request features, see what others have requested and vote for what you would like to see us develop. We look forward to your submissions (James Stevens - product development manager for journals and books).

How to submit

Please use the following format:

As a [job role], I want [goal] so that [reason].

As a [practicing chemist], I want [to be able to download the data form tables published in articles] so that [it is easier to use the data in my own research].


As a scientist i want to be given content that is relevant to me and my research without having to look

If Netflix can do it for films, RSC can do it for science!

Can our website remember which article users most recently looked at and then suggest relevant content?

This could be done via email "did you finish reading this article?Download it using this link, and here are some other articles you might like to read" 

or the next time the user comes to our website (or a competitor website), in the same way shops seem to remember which shoes I really want but was trying not to buy, an advert pops up - remembering what content the user was looking at last time and suggesting what other content they might like to read. That would be very helpful of us, if we did it right! 

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  • Nov 3 2015
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    Sharon Duan commented
    January 8, 2016 15:13

    Dear Liz, 

    Thank you for the great idea! This is actually a multi feature request. It is the concept of personalisation, which is already on our roadmap. It can be broken down into 4 basic steps:

    1. Require users to have a login: There is currently a project (Single Sign On) going on to improve user experience. The current login system is not well used. 

    2. Record what users have looked at on our site.

    3. Find related content in a sophisticated way. i.e. your idea in JINLS 1-9

    4. Analyse cross all accounts to see what users are most interested in. 

    So it won't be happening very quickly, but we are working towards it. 

    Many thanks for your idea once again. 


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