We have created this portal so that the users of the Royal Society of Chemistry's journals and books platform are able to request features that will help them in their day to day lives. We will strive to build features that make the experience on our platform easier with an aim to speed up your workflows.

Please feel free to request features, see what others have requested and vote for what you would like to see us develop. We look forward to your submissions (James Stevens - product development manager for journals and books).

How to submit

Please use the following format:

As a [job role], I want [goal] so that [reason].

As a [practicing chemist], I want [to be able to download the data form tables published in articles] so that [it is easier to use the data in my own research].


As an author having problems submitting an article I want to see what typical search queries are used so that I can find a suitable answer faster.

This could hopefully reduce the number of queries received into RSC inboxes! One competitor uses a word cloud to display popular search terms, which then links to various typical queries around those terms and their answers, without the need to contact anyone.

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  • Nov 11 2015
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