We have created this portal so that the users of the Royal Society of Chemistry's journals and books platform are able to request features that will help them in their day to day lives. We will strive to build features that make the experience on our platform easier with an aim to speed up your workflows.

Please feel free to request features, see what others have requested and vote for what you would like to see us develop. We look forward to your submissions (James Stevens - product development manager for journals and books).

How to submit

Please use the following format:

As a [job role], I want [goal] so that [reason].

As a [practicing chemist], I want [to be able to download the data form tables published in articles] so that [it is easier to use the data in my own research].


As an author i want to find content directly relevant to my subject quickly

Articles should be grouped by subject so that each article can link directly to relevant content across all of our journals. This will help authors, readers and practicing scientists find relevant content in a time efficient and user friendly manner. 

The 2015 climate survey identified the need to integrate content to facilitate smoother and quicker access to relevant content. We learnt that authors tend to find content by using broad searches and then using hyperlinks to access additional relevant content. Our authors are busy and will not keep re-running searches to find new content, instead they look at the content they are directed to. RSC journals have overlapping subject areas, so lets direct authors to our content, help them find the content they need while increasing the visibility of our vast portfolio! 

This is an example of how Springer connect their content http://rd.springer.com/article/10.1186/1471-2407-13-618 

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  • Nov 3 2015
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